Comedians on the Loose: A Must See Show

Comedians on the Loose is a comedy show produced by Sonja Savanovic and Eddie Gamez. They specialize in showcasing up and coming stand up comics which, obviously, is something we love here. I, along with a couple of my colleagues from Stellar Underground, attended their latest production this past Friday at Gotham Comedy Club. Savanovic was a charming show host and, to say we had a blast- would be an understatement.

The show ran seamlessly. Often times, when you go to a show featuring "amateur" acts, the production itself is amateur and dulls the entire experience, while the lack of professionalism overshadows the actual talent due to an increased desire to just get the hell out of there. That wasn't the case at this event. In fact, it was so well run with such an engaged (and not to mention full) audience that I instantly forgot that a slew of relatively new talent were about to hit the stage. Handpicked from their open mics (which doubles as an audition), Comedians on the loose featured a diverse range of comics with varying styles of humor which made for a fun and intriguing experience. Each comic had their moments of shine as the audience generously erupted in well deserved laughter, myself included. I was thoroughly impressed by the lineup which featured Tobin Miller, Pranav Behari, Marisa Riley, Cedrick Holloway, Rebecca Lewis, Brock Savage, Geoffrey Krawczyk, and show co-producer- Eddie Gamez (all pictured in the above photo).

Savanovic did an excellent job keeping each comic on time as well as keeping the audience excited and ready for the next act. The show closed out with a hilarious performance by their headliner, Jocelyn Chia (pictured below), who still has me saying "touchy touchy" at random times for no damn reason. By the end of Chia's set, the audience was collectively in tears from laughing so hard. This certainly added to the professionalism of the experience which was highlighted that much more by the waitstaff. Can we have a moment of praise for that waitstaff please? First of all- they were super friendly and flashed huge smiles the entire time... AND.... The drinks came out faster than lightning... So did the check- which I'm a fan of because let's face it, when a show is over, it's over. No one wants to sit for 15 extra minutes just waiting to leave. Ammaright? But I digress...

I would recommend checking out a Comedians on the loose show whenever you see one happening in your town. They're a fun bunch of talented comedians who are not only dedicated to their craft, but also dedicated to supporting each other and other comedians trying to break into the industry. And, if you're an up and coming comic, get yourself over to their open mics to work out some material and, possibly inadvertently, audition to be featured in one of their stellar productions.

Stay tuned this week for our individual reviews on some of the comics from Friday's performances!

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