Young, Bold, and Funny: Meet Lev Fer, The 20-Year-Old Comic Taking Comedy by Storm

Lev Fer 8/27/2017 New York Comedy Club:

My first impression of Lev Fer was that he was a cute frat star who took a wrong turn on University Row and ended up at a comedy club. His opening wasn’t that far off, as he admitted to the crowd “I’m kind of an asshole.” I thought this self-awareness was charming, and his punchline, that he’s the type of asshole that just turned off Amber Alerts on his phone, got big laughs from the crowd, myself included.

Fer was confident on stage, seemed to have jokes that were true to his personality, and had a wide variety of stories to pull from. I felt like I was watching someone who had big potential to expand on his material, but punch-ups were necessary (this is totally valid, as Fer is only 20 years old). Fer had a bit about his experiences being high in restaurants, this time specifically in Dunkin Donuts. He slyly smiled to the crowd, acknowledging that anyone who doesn’t consider Dunkin Donuts a restaurant is likely doing better than him. These types of side comments were scattered throughout his set, and definitely his strongest moments.

Overall, Fer was super likable and funny, and I’d be interested in seeing him perform again—I'm curious how he'll further workshop his material. You can find information about his upcoming shows on his website

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