Feeling like Something's Missing in Your Life? It’s Marie Faustin

I’ve found my new best friend and she doesn’t know I exist. She’s a comedian named Marie Faustin, she speaks to my soul, and she’ll speak to yours too.

Marie Faustin produces weekly videos on her YouTube vlog, and thankfully has enough videos to keep you laughing all day, for many weeks at a time. She’s been featured on VH1: All Jokes Aside – Black Women in Comedy, Let’s Make Lemonade, and TMI Hollywood. She also hosts The Warm Up at Karma Lounge every month, co-hosts a podcast with Sydnee Washington titled The Unofficial Expert, and has a radio show, Thursdays on 99.5 FM called “Tall Tales/Big City.” Everything. Is. Hysterical. Watching and listening to her, there’s no doubt about it: she is a skilled professional.

Faustin is a master storyteller: self-described as, “single, sexy and free,” she says exactly what you’re thinking, as you’re thinking it. Her comedy reveals who she is and chronicles her daily life, and she does so in a way that makes literal tears fall from your face. Animated and eccentric, she commands your attention no matter the platform.

Faustin is complex: she fights the bad stereotypes about women in comedy (yes, you can be pretty AND hilarious) but also perpetuates a few good ones (fact: every woman ever has only gone out on a date with a complete stranger for the free food). She’s somehow casual yet energetic in her delivery, telling the most outrageous stories as if she’s done it all a thousand times over. One of her aspirations is to be the “Black Eyewitness” on a television interview, and based on her story telling abilities, she’s well underway.

Faustin is all of our kindred spirits: passionate about food, germaphobe in particular circumstances, working to pay the bills but also leaving for a few hours at a time to do better things, appropriately judgmental about white people claiming to be woke, a fan of free stuff, and definitely not a fan of dick pics.

When you check her out, do yourself a favor and do it in a place where you can cackle like a psychopath. …I learned that lesson the hard way.

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