Web Series "Brown Girls" is Set to Debut on HBO and Here's Why You Need to Watch It

There’s a theme that seems to pervade the human condition; an unattainable goal that somehow, somewhere, someone decided this thing was a tangible point, a checkered banner marking the finish line: the point at which you’ve “figured it all out.”

This desire, this goal that everyone knows, that everyone wants, that everyone you know is searching for every day, that no one explicitly draws attention to – it’s what makes the web series, soon-to-be-HBO-adapted-show Brown Girls so amazing. Brown Girls highlights the reality that, at any age, no one really has it all figured out. And that’s okay. (I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back: it’s perfectly okay to not have it all figured out!)

The series highlights two women of color leaning on each other, their friends and their families during times of “definitely not having it together.” It follows the main characters, Nabila Hossain starring as Leila and Sonia Denis starring as Patricia (both pictured above) as they grapple with their identity and sexuality in painfully awkward yet completely relatable situations, in menial jobs trying to support their creative passions, and in their quest for “trying to be good at being alone,” all while searching for love.

The series also focuses on important major life events that nearly everyone you know went through at one point or another: Googling when paranoid, finding a nice way of getting your tinder date out of your bed at 4 am, intervening on your emotions, being upset after seeing your ex, who’s not really your ex- but that’s your ex, drinking while trying to work on not drinking so much, getting strange yet treatable STDs, putting other peoples’ body parts in your mouth, parental disappointment, and telling yourself “everything will work out” while trying to figure out exactly how it will. Admittedly, nearly all of these events occur in my life very, very regularly (and often simultaneously). Brown Girls tells me I’m not alone.

If you’ve never heard of the this web series, you need to drop everything and watch it (click here for episodes). You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and at some point, you’ll think you’re watching your own self stumbling through life with the help of friends, family, and tequila.

Written by Fatima Asghar, directed by Samantha Bailey (pictured above), Brown Girls is here to remind you that everyone is forever trying to get by while staying true to themselves. And, that’s a message I strongly support.

The adapted series will premiere on HBO in February 2018.

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