Happening This Week: The Brooklyn Comedy Festival!

Look, here’s the deal. It’s Brooklyn. It’s comedy. It’s fun. It’s laughter. Believe me when I say you’ll want to add a bit of “You” to this recipe.

Beginning today (August 21st), a full seven days of humor lie ahead of those brave enough to enter the tickle zone. Stand Up, Film, Sketch, Improv, Music. Basically, any kind of art that can be funny (read: all art) will be on display at NYC’s Premier Alternative Comedy Event - PACE for short. I just coined that. Don’t repeat it. No one will know what that is. The kickoff show was on August 20th, called SASHEER ZAMATA PARTY TIME! ft Ilana Glazer, Tim Dillon and Eman El Husseini. Many other fantastic shows will follow in the coming days including Sex House, Bob the Drag Queen, Night Train and We B-E-E Spelling, a comedy spelling bee game show! Even a show very familiar to Undergrounders will be making an appearance- Comedians You Should Know on August 23rd! To be honest, there are too many shows to fully address all of them, so I’d recommend looking at the website yourself, then check your availability, realize you need to clear your calendar in order to see every single show, buy tickets on your Visa, and deal with the finances later. Also, be sure to go to the Closing Night Surprise Party. It will be a surprise for you and the Special Guests because you both didn’t know each other would be there.

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