Yedoye Travis Tweets the Comic Relief that America Needs Right Now

Since we first reviewed Yedoye Travis a few months ago, he’s continued to make audiences laugh with his regular performances at Union Hall in Brooklyn, stand up shows in major cities like Montreal, features on Hulu, and -most importantly- his hilarious one-liners on Twitter. Travis brings light to my life by way of his tweets.

If you’re searching for someone to make you laugh at both serious subjects and (seriously) necessary questions every day without going to an actual show, you’d better follow Travis on Twitter right away. His tweets are gems that deserve to be treasured – it’s even worth making a profile just to follow him, if you’re normally twitter-adverse. Yes, really.

Before following Travis on Twitter, I felt like there was always something missing in my life; as if no one else appreciated the absurdity of white privilege, but also wondered about more existential questions like “were the animals in the Flintstones unionized?” (but really, I need to know). Despite not knowing him personally, he filled a void in my life just by being so damn relatable. The man is in my head with tweets like: “Watched a white kid learn to ride a bike today. It was really beautiful to see a young boy struggle for the last time,” and “Ok, of course white ppl [sic] struggle. I bet it's hard having to call another person by your own name.”

He also asks the critical questions that no one else will, such as: “Is a luncheon a lunch dungeon;” “Who should I haunt when I die;” and “Who benefits from socks only going from size 6 to 12?”

Travis' Twitter feed (thankfully usually updated a few times a day) gets his followers thinking, laughing, crying, and accepting that life is generally ridiculous and unfair. I, personally, would like to thank Yedoye Travis for his great service to this country: We need you now, more than ever.

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