A Must Listen: Alex Barnett's "Multiracial Family Man" Podcast

Alex Barnett, who we’ve praised before for shedding light on biracial family issues, is still going strong on his fight to break interracial relationship stereotyping--And this time we’d like to steer our readers towards his podcast “Multiracial Family Man.” This weekly podcast started back in 2015, and invites new guests, sometimes multiracial couples, other times entrepreneurs for multiracial hair products, to discuss topics relevant to promoting harmony and avoiding dissension in their everyday lives.

The most recent episode, which aired August 6, 2017, featured Sheilah D.Smiley, a “Black woman with White, Black, Native American and Puerto Rican relatives and ancestors,” who made it to the Olympic Trials for track in 1996, and began a career in acting and comedy afterwards. Barnett’s podcast also promotes bone marrow donations for and from mixed people, making it both a funny and well-informed conversation as well a piece of activism for a rarely discussed cause.

Without giving too much away, I’ll just say this--”Multiracial Family Man” is awesome. Barnett’s own experiences being a father to a biracial child and his curiosity to the experiences of others with similar and totally different situations than his own is charming, genuine, and inspiring. The diversity of his guests, both in their races and in their contributions to the multiracial community, gives his podcast a well-rounded approach to the topic. Please give this podcast a listen, you’ll laugh and learn something new while doing it.

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