From 'No Net' to 'Net': Daniel Simonsen Takes on the Camden Fringe Festival

A few weeks back we reviewed Daniel Simonsen, a Norwegian born, hilariously off-beat comic. This week, we want to update you on his recent comedy happenings.

This August, Simonsen is doing a month long stint at the Camden Fringe Festival in London. However, instead of doing the same show over and over for 30 days, running the risk of becoming so familiar with his set that he recites it while sleeping, stuck in a comedic revolving door that get’s less and less funny each go ‘round, slowly suffocating him in his own jokes until he forgets what fresh air feels like- he decided to mix it up. PHEW! Close one. For the first half of the month, Simonsen will do a show called ‘No Net’. A completely improvised show, unscripted, off the cuff, totally made up. But not in the Donald Trump way. In the good way. During the second half of August, Simonsen then drops the “No” and does a show called ‘Net’. (I would have gone for NothingbutNet, but hey that’s just brilliant ol’ me). If you’re looking for guaranteed laughs, you’re a fan of his previous work, or you’re hoping to see his greatest hits, this is your jam. Either way, knowing Simonsen's style and sense of humor, each show is going to be a blast. For just £5 a pop, or £10 for both, it’s worth a ticket. If you're in London this August, be sure to go check him out at The Bill Murray. And if you’re not in London, where are you? I thought we said we’d meet here?

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