Meet Amy Miller: The Comedy Terrorist

You know those comics where at first you're like “Oh man, should I laugh?”... But then you can't help but laugh because what the comic is saying is hilarious? Yeah, that’s Amy Miller. She is not afraid to push normal cultural boundaries and test people’s comfort levels. Politically and culturally savvy, Miller addresses so many social issues but without being too ‘on the nose’. Plus, she’s doing this in Portland, where breathing is offensive!

Miller kinda gives off a “definitely don’t fuck with her or she will eat you alive with words” vibe, and also a sweet, witty vibe that makes you want to timidly approach her to be your friend. Basically, she's a female woman that isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. Obviously, that means Breitbart has called her a “comedy terrorist” (true), which I can only assume is a Comedienne* who makes you die laughing? Either way, she’s a badass lady who freely talks about her own level of hotness, weird male cultural norms, and ice cream induced diarrhea - which she even gives a cute lil’ nickname. One of my favorite Amy Miller jokes has to do with people being unable to guess her weight, and it’s so satisfying to see a woman take a negative social stigma and flip it into something absurdly fantastic. Please go listen to it, or even better, go see her perform. She crushes the game. Amy’s at the Pickathon Festival August 5-6, and the Oddblock Festival in Winnipeg, August 24-27, if for some unimaginable reason you find yourself in Winnipeg. (Sorry Uncle Dave.) Her debut album Solid Gold is available on Kill Rock Stars, and was named one of the top 10 comedy albums of 2016 by the Interrobang.

*No male comedians were implicated in the aforementioned hilarious terrorism.

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