Monroe Martin: Comedy's Breath of Fresh Air

The first thing you immediately notice about Monroe Martin is his height, then- his glasses, which have become quite the signature aside from his gravelly voice. Like most people, you probably recognize him from Last Comic Standing or perhaps you caught him on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Or, maybe you got the chance to see him perform at one of the hottest comedy clubs in New York City... basically what I'm saying is, he's everywhere these days and boy are we happy about it!

Martin is a storyteller and he makes it look easy. The fact of the matter is, not everyone can successfully keep an audience engaged and laughing throughout a story before even getting to the punchline but somehow, he does it effortlessly. While watching Martin perform, you never know where the story is going to go, and as you visually observe this endearing looking man your ears are in constant shock at the bold and brazen humor that he expels, catapulting you into gut-wrenching laughter. "Did he really just say that?" is highly likely to be a consistent thought that crosses your mind as you dwell within his world of humor. What I appreciate most about Martin's comedy is that he pulls you into his life and abstract concepts. He doesn't rely on simplistic jokes for quick laughs and he's far from predictable which, thanks to the internet and memes, a lot of comics are falling victim to more frequently. Instead, after each set, you begin to feel like you know him more and more- he's likeable, he's relatable, and he's honest.

Martin comes from the School of Hard Knocks. He has openly shared his experiences about growing up in foster care and having a broken family, and he does it in a way that never leaves you feeling sorry for him but rather, you feel proud of him and equally empowered about your own life and possibilities. You may also secretly think to yourself- "You went through ALL THAT?? Why are you such a nice person then???" Or, maybe that's just me stereotyping people again. Jokes aside, Martin is one of the dopest and humblest comedians on the rise right now and at this rate it's almost a guarantee that he'll become a regular household name. I mean c'mon, with a name like Monroe Martin, how couldn't he be? My suggestion- get to a show and get there fast cause you're seriously missing out if you don't.

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