The Sweet Pete Lee.

No, Pete Lee is not Bruce’s son. He’s not trained in the fine art of combat. In fact, it’s the opposite. Lee is perhaps the sweetest man in comedy. He has the face of a baby angel, if that baby at some point went through puberty. When you see him perform, his gentle nature immediately shines through in his sweet smile. BAM! Tenderness!

In an industry often tinged with blowjob jokes, scrotum references and overcompensation, Lee is refreshing. He describes himself as a “sissy”- so, admittedly, I was a little shocked when he talked about his girlfriend (a reaction he seems to be used to). But Lee is actually a straight, white guy. One you can like! Yay! (Just kidding, there are a lot of you, calm down.) Originally from Janesville, Wisconsin, Lee talks with that Fargo accent that makes him sound as unthreatening as a drugged kitten with its claws removed. As a born and raised Canadian, his urgency to be overly polite comforts me deeply. He makes me feel like I’m at home again. And, I would argue this makes his on-stage persona more endearing.

Lee makes great use of his unique disposition in most of his jokes. His sunny personality enables him to get away with a lot of material that other other comedians couldn’t. He makes you feel warm inside and as a result, jokes about pedophilia, or pain tolerance among the gays (you know, because of sex stuff) pass without any “ooohs". That’s a gift. But with great power comes great responsibility, and he handles the more risqué material with the proper respect. He also has many cute quips that highlight his peaceful charm, and his sets overall leave you feeling happier than before they started. If you want an easy night of comedy that makes you feel good, go see Mr. Lee. Hey, that rhymed. Brb, starting a rap career.

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