Meet May Wilkerson. You're Welcome.

You guys heard of May Wilkerson? I hope so. And if not, what the hell, dude? I’ll probably forgive you eventually, but MAYbe you should look her up and go to a show. Treat yourself to a few laughs courtesy of Ms. W.

Wilkerson is hilarious, smart, and surprising. She’s able to navigate her way through being witty and semi-political while being female. Though this may not seem like a contradiction to everyone (read: women), society (read: men) can sometimes push back on that. It’s fun being a woman in comedy. But when you’re good, you’re good and she’s good so it’s all good. Wilkerson's ability to take on serious subjects, show them in a new (often illuminating) light and make you laugh while doing it is severely impressive. Being a feminist in a male dominated space can be difficult, but she fights fire with laughter, which we’ve all been told is the best medicine. So basically she's a Doctor of Sexism. Wilkerson is particularly adept at setting up a joke and twisting it last second, pleasantly surprising you with an unexpected punchline or abrupt switch. The angles she takes can be acute, obtuse, playful, political, thoughtful, etc, you name it. Or don’t, whatever. I’m not your mom. Stop calling me that. While I’m somewhat new to the May-train myself, I can’t wait to hear more of her material and follow her career. You should too. May Wilkerson has a monthly show at the PIT called Cake or Death, and will be performing at the Cinderblock Comedy festival, September 7th-10th. Seriously, go check her out. But not like in an objectifying way. In a reverential, awe-stuck way. But be cool about it, for the love of God.

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