Nick Guerra: The Man Behind the Hair

The first thing you notice about Nick Guerra is his long, luscious locks. The second thing you’ll notice is that he wastes no time in making you laugh.

Although he’s not quite a household name (yet!), Guerra has been featured on popular platforms like Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He’s also that guy that you would probably see in line at a random club asking the bouncer why the girls in heels can skip the line when he’s just as short but with shinier hair.

Guerra relates to his audience largely by way of drawing attention to the absurdities of life. Animated, energetic, and painfully aware of the hierarchy of women in groups, Guerra won’t let you forget how contradictory and ridiculous most people are. His delivery is quick and unrelenting, often hitting you with back-to-back equally hysterical punch lines while jumping, falling, or what he calls “dancing.”

While Guerra is unquestionably funny, he also brings something to the table most others don’t: an unabashed description of who he is and how he copes with the struggles we all face in life, love, and the awkwardness of being purposefully “sexy.” If you’ve ever wanted to laugh with someone, and maybe a little bit at someone, Nick Guerra is your man.

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