Ian Lara is No Ordinary Comedian

You don’t have to get too far into any of Ian Lara’s sets to get the sense that he’s different than a lot of other comics. Lara is charming, smiley, and friendly. His jokes, even after hitting hot topics like race, never alienate the crowd- they feel like genuine, good-humored observations on life’s absurdities.

One of Lara’s principle jokes in his set at the Stand this past May was about how buying stock in a company automatically makes you a partial owner--pointing out how truly ridiculous that is when you push the boundaries of that logic. “I’m not only a comedian, I’m also part owner of Delta Airlines,” he said, and laughter erupted when he mentioned his undercover boss-like responsibility when he flies now, and his high expectations of treatment from Delta Airlines employees.

Lara’s sarcastic, self-aware, nature works. He doesn’t fall into the same trap as many other comedians whose self-deprecation often sounds cliche, jaded, and even condescending. Lara remains likeable through each joke. His pauses to smile gives air to his jokes and room for the crowd to laugh with him.

Finally, Lara brings a nuanced approach to race-humor, again, remaining his cool and personable self through and through. During another bit, he tells the crowd that he’s been racist before himself, but only when he’s trying to sleep with a racist chick.

Keep an eye-out for Lara’s next big show, headlining the Comedy Mix in Vancouver on July 18th, or at his website:

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