David Drake is Hilariously Unique

David Drake. That is his name. A good place to start in terms of getting to know him. He’s also super likable and seriously funny.

I’ve watched David perform about 4 times in the past two months. Hearing a few of his jokes multiple times now, I have a pretty decent grasp of his delivery and timing. Both of which are deliberate and practiced, yet feel off the cuff.

His slightly nervous energy (not sure if that’s part of his act or real), change of volume and pacing, and intermittent half-yells creates excitement and energy felt throughout the crowd. While it can sometimes feel like he’s remembering the story as he tells it, it’s a rehearsed style. One unique to him.

David tells real-life stories that are both relatable and outrageous. Without spoiling any of his jokes, his mom comes up a lot, and oh boy does she provide great material. He’s also getting married soon, a fact that he has to remind Brooklyn audiences is a good thing! It’s not very often you find a comedian with a new (and successful) approach, but David is tapping into something different.

David also produces and performs in Comedian’s You Should Know, a show we’ve reviewed on Stellar Underground previously. My guess, never having met him, is that he’s a true fan, student and lover of stand-up. He’s dedicated and hilarious, a winning combination. My advice to you - see him now before it gets harder to get tickets.

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