Meet Daniel Simonsen: The Norwegian Transplant We Can't Get Enough Of

Daniel Simonsen is one of those comedians whose style is hard to describe and harder to forget. His fringe bangs, gaunt face and self-described concave chest makes for a somewhat odd-ball introduction. If he weren’t a comedian, he’d make a good reclusive tech guy, or your weird cousin Brent who you've only seen briefly one Christmas before he made his way back into the soundproof basement. His persona is equally distinct and these two facets makes for a unique and hysterical show. Originally from Norway, he now lives in New York. But coming from Europe, he’s used to a slightly different comedic culture, and benefits from that greatly while performing. He assembles all of his inner awkwardness and dry sense of humor, then amplifies it on stage. I have a feeling that he’s the type of person that if you meet him in real life, it’s hard to tell when he is being serious vs. joking. But when he’s on stage, you know he’s joking. The tension he builds though awkwardness always yields a hilarious release. And not only is his style unique, but his material is thoughtful and layered. If you like dry wit, deliberate delivery and a strong foreign accent, then you should absolutely seek out one of his shows.

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