Let's Talk About Sarah Silverman's Netflix Special

I listened to Pete Holmes' Podcast a few months back where he chatted with Sarah Silverman about her new Netflix special "A Speck of Dust" - and other super interesting things like death, but you’ll have to listen for yourself.

It was clear she didn’t love how her special turned out. She mentioned that she was sick, how the jokes felt stale after doing them so often on the road, and how it lacked that extra specialness that a special should have. So I was especially curious to watch it. Be Advised. I think Sarah Silverman is great. I imagine us as friends regularly whenever I hear her speak. I think she’d be a blast to hang out with and a really good friend if you needed help or advice… but I digress. Perhaps I am biased, but I did thoroughly enjoy this special, even though it wasn't her greatest show.

It was clear she was not feeling her best and there were instances where she openly told herself to “get it together”. Sure, a few of the jokes didn’t hit as hard as she, or we, would have liked, but in those moments you could still appreciate her cleverness and wit. As always, her work is incredibly thoughtful, yet she’s able to twist it so it comes across as crass - an interplay that I adore. Her intelligence and skill is highlighted in her ability to make herself look like the idiot, while remaining charming and poignant.

My favorite part though, was the home video she showed at the end. During her set, she referenced a recent, very serious health scare, and talked about her pre-surgery antics. Thankfully, her friend filmed it so we got to see the real version of Sarah explaining complicated political world events while high on general anesthetic. So even if you aren’t feeling the entire show, stick around for (or fast forward to) the end.

If you’re a fan, casual fan, comedy lover, or human being, I think it’s worth a watch. You may even learn some things about nature and wildlife.

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