Sonia Denis is Hilarious. (Period)

Animated, energetic, intelligent, and silly. Just a few words to describe this powerhouse performer known as Sonia Denis. From the moment she starts speaking to the moment she walks off the stage, she keeps you fully engaged. Whether it's by what she's saying or simply by how she's bouncing around the stage dropping joke after joke- one thing is for sure, you're dying to hear the next punchline. And, boy does she deliver!

What I found most interesting about Sonia's act is that her humor is actually pretty physical. Meaning, she's not afraid to pump up the energy and move her body in ways that aide and enhance her jokes. However, her humor is also intelligent and witty- thought provoking even which I find to be a rare combination. Most times, a comedian is either silly/slapstick or more on the dry/intelligent humor side. If you were watching her perform with the sound muted- there's a chance you'd assume she's a slapstick comic. But, delightfully, in reality she's hitting you with clever joke after clever joke... brilliantly incorporating stories about her own life and making you laugh as if it were situations you experienced yourself.

Sonia, where have you been all our lives? And, more importantly, how do we get your energy??

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