Ashley Gavin: Say It Loud... She's Gay and She's Proud!

As soon as you see Ashley Gavin, your first thought will likely be "Yup, she's gay." But, if somehow her signature plaid button-up and backwards cap ensemble isn't a dead giveaway- don't worry! She'll be proudly announcing just how gay she is throughout her act and it's absolutely hilarious. I'm not merely judging a book by its cover- she'll tell you this herself.

I always enjoy watching Ashley perform. She's a very focused comedian who takes her craft very seriously. No, really- she quit her job for this. No... seriously... like an actual job that probably pays enough to make a person so comfortable that the mere thought of trading it in for the infamous comedian 'salary' would send them into panic. But not this computer scientist turned comedian- Ashley happily accepts the challenge! She's all in and that's exactly the impression she leaves you with after she exits the stage. No topic is off limits with her whether it's about sex, feminism, or racism- Ashley will take it there and dwell there to the point of making the audience a wee bit uncomfortable only to reel them back in with gut wrenching laughter. Her stage presence and timing gives the feel that she's been doing this as long as the seasoned pros have. Seasoned or not, make no mistake- she's a pro.

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