The DUMP! - A Goddamned Story Telling Show

What I wanted was a funny version of The Moth, but I should have known from the name that this wasn't in my immediate future. The Open Mic Story-Telling night was less polished than I anticipated and included many more male performers talking about blow jobs than I was expecting. Though, perhaps that’s my fault. Not to say some of the sex stories weren’t funny, but a little variety would be nice. My experience last Tuesday was not an entirely accurate representation of the regular show in terms of its location. The show was forced into a smaller basement room filled with haphazard chairs (some broken) and weird stool couches as the Just For Laughs Callbacks were happening in the nice, quiet, spacious, stage having, ambient noise minimizing main room. It was difficult to focus on half-ready, half-funny material when bar goers outside the door overtook the mic volume. My Girlfriend and Best Friend powered through for almost the whole show. But after an hour and a half of hit-or-miss Life Stories/standup sets masquerading as Life Stories and a decibel-happy host, we decided to hit the road. However, there was a hidden gem in the middle of the show which came in the form of an ex-SNL writer talking about backstage events with a special SNL Guest. I can’t say much about it, as it was sternly impressed upon us that this material should not be discussed in public forums such as this. Nonetheless, this story made the outing worth it. I think this show has a lot of potential, and I might try it again in the future- but, this one left something to be desired.

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