Here's an Event You Should Know, It's Called: Comedians You Should Know!

Comedians You Should Know is an event that happens on Wednesdays in the Spare Room of

Brooklyn’s Gutter Bar. Super convenient if you’re aiming to laugh, drink and bowl all at the same time. The venue itself is very charming, and gives off that aged, hip Brooklyn feeling that every single cool place in Brooklyn gives off. Each show features different up’n’coming comedians from NYC for only 5 bucks! Same number of bucks as you have fingers. And in case you are an amputee, sorry about that reminder. Also there is no drink minimum. So if you’re cheap, sober, or have problems with authority, this is the setting for you. But if you’re not cheap or sober, the bar is within 12-15 steps wherever you’re sitting in the room. The night started off with a bang, literally and figuratively, thanks to the pre-show announcement advising amorous audience members to take their PDA into a private stall. David Drake was a wonderfully hilarious host, who donned his “killing flip flops” and talked about his mom’s habit of squeezing his belly fat and asking where it’s from… It immigrated here from Syria, David’s Mom. He’s a savior.

The line up of Comedians was great, though the Male to Female ratio was a little off. 7 outies to only 1 innie. Kyle Ayers kicked things off well, and perhaps had the line of the night with “I’d eat a butt flavored Oreo if it would just text me back”. Growing up in Somethingorother, Missouri with 800 people, then moving to a city of 8 million inevitably left him with great material and his encounter with a thoughtful, contemplative red neck really left you thinkin’ bout thangs.

Jono Zalay reminded me of a male version of Tig Notaro, with his slow pacing and soft spoken voice. In his previous life he was a neuroscientist, and his general knowledge about the world as a scientist allows him to point out plot holes in famous songs, as well as the flawed reasoning behind why some people don’t vaccinate their kids.

Adrienne Iapalucci, the lone woman in the lineup, had the most hard hitting, dark material, which I very much enjoyed. If you like a woman that wonders aloud, on stage, what men are doing so wrong that female teachers continually fall for their 14 years old students, she might be someone you should go see. (It was also fascinating to see only the women laugh at this joke)

The headliner was Roy Wood Jr. and he’s one of those people that’s just funny no matter what. His set was fantastic, and he even improvised a bit, testing out some material near the end. He also openly talked about finding the line where he can address racism while navigating white guilt. Everything he said was hilarious, but the overwhelmingly white brooklynites that were in attendance, including myself, were occasionally unsure whether to laugh or say sorry. Though he did compliment us on our combination of finding the humor and knowing that, yeah, we fucked some shit up. There may be some comedians that you don’t find funny, but these sure as hell will be ones that you do. Overall, yes. Go to this.

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