"Funny" is a Better Compliment Than "Beautiful"

Being called "beautiful" is a wonderful compliment, don't get me wrong. It's the ultimate testament to the efforts we put towards grooming ourselves, taking care of our bodies, and the hours spent shopping for the perfect attire that we feel represents our individuality. Some of us are beautiful on the outside, some on the inside, and for the rare diamonds in the world... beautiful both inside and out. One may think What could be better than telling a girl she's beautiful? I'll tell you. Calling her "funny", that's what. Not "hot", not "sex pot"... just funny. Could it be? Something so simple.... to please a WOMAN???

There's a terrible stereotype and misconception that women aren't funny. And worse, that funny women aren't beautiful. In some cases, it's such a strong belief among men that I've actually witnessed them go out of their way to not laugh at female comics and/or support them altogether. Women often have to work a bit harder just to break through this barrier. Needless to say, many men are finding it more and more difficult to hold in those laughs these days.

But why is being funny better than simply being called beautiful? Besides the awesome feeling of proving every hater out there wrong, being funny is strongly connected to our intellect. If you compliment our humor, you're essentially complimenting our mind/intelligence. And, if we are making you laugh, we are also simultaneously making you fall in love. Muahaha! Ever hear the quote "Make a girl laugh and you can make her do anything"? Yeah, well... same idea, just in reverse. It takes a little more effort to realize someone is funny than it does to notice their beauty- especially external beauty. Make no exceptions here, this applies to ALL women. Whether she is pursuing a career in comedy or simply having a witty conversation with you. Additionally, since most men nurture the misconception that women aren't funny, by admitting that she is- you have unconsciously told her that you find her to be exceptional and impressive. Score.

Not that we are looking for or need your approval.

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