You Should Listen to this Podcast: The Podcast

Heeeelllo! Welcome to Jenny and Jo’s “You Should Listen to this Podcast: The Podcast,” where we bring you the latest on all things podcasts, on a podcast.

That’s right, Jo. We’re here to comb through the best of the best podcast recommendations for all you audiophiles. Speaking of files, File Right is the answer to your cluttered office space. With File Right, you never have to worry about loose paper and label-less boxes. File Right sends you all the best human filers, on demand, all over the city. File Right: It’s no wonder “file” rhymes with “smile.”

Thanks, Jenny. And we’re not just saying that, we really love all of our sponsors. We used File Right just last week to sort through all our fan mail!

Speaking of fans, welcome guys! Haha, here we are. And can I just say, Jo, this is our forty-seventh episode!


I know! Can you believe it? We’ve been bringing you podcast madness for forty-seven episodes and, you know I’ll tell ya, it never gets old.

No it doesn’t, Jenny. You know what else doesn’t get old? Your face. When you use Aveeno’s new High Performance Anti-Aging Serum. Bye bye wrinkles! Hello baby soft cheeks.

And boy, do we slap that stuff on every morning.

We really do...Speaking of mornings, just this morning, someone recommended me a new podcast. And it sounds mega fun.

Ah, yes, let’s jump right into it—

Let’s, let’s. Anyways, from what I can gather, it’s basically a bunch of American History stories told from the perspective of a cat. It’s called “Podcats.” I mean who thinks of this!?

That. Is. Amazing. Probably. You know what else I heard you absolutely have to listen to?

Tell me.

This podcast...It’s got it all. A teen murder case. A botched trial. New evidence. And, of course, the hosts are extremely professional, non-bias reporters who have a very specific idea of who the murder is.

Incredible. I’d listen.


We should.

We really should. That reminds me of this other one everyone’s been telling me about: Improv-Mint.

Yes! It’s been highly recommended to me by multiple sources. You guys are gonna love this. It’s a totally improvised podcast brought to you by one hilarious group of coworkers at a mint flavoring manufacturing factory.

Hilarious. I bet. I haven’t listened to it.


Well that’s all the time we’ve got today. Thank you so much to our sponsors, whose products we really use. We swear! And of course, our fans, who send us so many wonderful podcast recommendations every week. And if you think you know a podcast we should listen to, tweet us at @PodcastsWeWouldProbablyLikeButRealisticallyWillNeverListenTo. Catch us next week for a new segment we call “Podcasts We Heard We’d Like if We Liked Serial, But We Wouldn't Know Because We Still Haven't Listened to Serial.”

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