How I Met Yedoye Travis

I first met Yedoye Travis at The Stand comedy club in Gramercy. I was hanging out and having dinner with a guy and although that does not seem like the ideal situation to notice another man- Yedoye immediately caught my eye. Let me explain...

You see, I'm quite literally obsessed with standup comedy and any chance I get to see a new face perform- I'm on it! He, along with several other comedians, were waiting upstairs by the bar in anticipation to perform their sets for the sold out show taking place downstairs. There are some people who just stand out with energy that draws your attention and Yedoye is certainly one of them, sporting a playful yet laid back demeanor- or maybe, it was the fro. Yeah, was probably the fro that caught my attention. But nonetheless, I waved him down and motioned him to come to our dinner table.

Me: Who are you?

Him: Yedoye

Me: Ya do what?

Him: No... My name is Ye-doe-yay

Me: You must be Nigerian

Him: Yup!

I whipped out my phone and asked him to type his name into it and and like the creepy person I am, said to him "I'll find you". He flashed his bright smile and said "Ok" then walked back over to the bar. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay for that set but the next day- just as I promised, I found him on Twitter. (In all fairness, it wasn't difficult. It's not like there are a bunch of Yedoye's on the web.) After successfully stalking him, I then proceeded to harass him about when his next show would be. Seemingly unbothered, he invited me to watch him perform at a small show in Williamsburg.

As I expected, Yedoye's set was hilarious. His articulate speech heightened the charisma of his jokes as he, very casually, tackled huge topics like race, stereotypes, and alcoholism. His laid back approach and comfort on stage seemed to further disarm the crowd, leaving them completely open to the bursts of laughter his stories called forth. His intelligence was weaved perfectly throughout his set in a way that both educated the audience and made us think from a perspective we might not have explored before. (Which is a nice break from the typical dick jokes you tend to hear from some male comics.) Laced with hypotheticals and similes, Yedoye's timing and delivery of his jokes is what completely brought his performance full circle.

Looking forward to seeing more of his shows!

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