Kerryn Feehan + Sexism

Kerryn Feehan. Yeah, she's pissed off an entire community of people with her fat-shaming and though I don't share her sentiments in that regard, one thing is for certain- she is undeniably one funny woman.

I was searching YouTube for Traci Morgan's interview with the Breakfast Club and somehow, still unbeknownst to me, ran into a clip of Kerryn performing at the Village Underground. You know how it is, one minute you're watching behind the scenes clips of Scandal and the next you're watching ice cream making tutorials... YouTube has a way of sucking you in. Regardless, I was happy to discover Kerryn. Her humor is witty, relatable, and smart. She has a way of grabbing your attention in anticipation of the punchline and when she delivers- it's never quite what you expect but it's always drenched in FUNNY. Which is great, because predictability is boring.

However, after laughing my ass off to the above video, I was nothing short of surprised to see the kind of comments that people left underneath it. A part of me wondered if it was the public reciprocating the negative energy she spews towards overweight people- like some sort of karmic return. But, a greater part of me settled on the unfortunate reality that women in comedy catch a lot of flack for no reason other than possessing a vagina. Yes, I took it there. Women in comedy are continuously subjected to sexism. The focus becomes less about the content and more about... well everything else- how she looks, what she's wearing, her voice, her makeup, her weight.... BUT IS SHE FUNNY GUYS? "Wait- she's telling jokes?" - Men

Kerryn is genuinely funny... so why are there comments like these?

Sexism. That's why.

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