Tweet of the Week: Cheers to a Little Miss Conduct

“my dream is to be the first female sexual predator backed by a tv station for 15 years” -Bez

Let’s break down why this Tweet is best of the rest. Bez has tapped into an important goal to attain for us, the weaker sex. She’s taken a solid look at societal landscape and realized women have fallen far behind in the Abuse for Power spectrum. If we are going to keep up and achieve equality, we can’t just hand men the win in the sexual misconduct category. Due to the sustained heroic efforts of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, we women now have a higher standard to live up to. No longer can we make a subtle fleeting pass at a sexy co-worker and then agonize over it for weeks. We have to up our game and try and try again until our pickup lines, innuendos and seductive threats become uncomfortable to the point of harassment. We have to urge ourselves to be more persistent, more desperate and forget about what’s “appropriate” or “legal”. In order to accomplish this prolonged siege, however, we have to ensure our superiors dream the same wet dream. And, the only true way to test that is to place yourself in a position where you are likely to be sexually harassed/assaulted. Example: share a hotel room with your boss on a company trip, drink too much at a professional event, or come to work naked. If you do in fact get “tested or molested”(™), then you know you're free to start your own brand of perverted power plays. Yay! Good luck and happy harassing!

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