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May 10, 2018

Tickling the Ivories is a free comedy show run by Nataly Aukar and Thiago Macklin every Monday night at Pianos in LES. After the show, Nataly mentioned that the crowd varies depending on the week, given its centralized location in a bar-driven neighborhood. This past Monday, the crowd was particularly rowdy, but the comics had no problem playing up the hype and absurdity, throwing away much of their material to instead focus on crowd-work and conversational bits. The show was well-organized, a good time, and held a unique atmosphere. One comic (Kerry Coddett) cleverly called it a “basement upstairs.” Honestly, a perfect vibe for NYC comedy.

The lineup on this particular ni...

April 24, 2018

Janet Hyde’s Dude Talks to a Lady is an honest look at how men in comedy view conversations about relationships, sex, and feminism in general. Guests share a joke they’ve told on stage, and spend the rest of the episode dissecting what the larger implications of that joke are, why it may or may not be funny to some women. Hyde acts as the liaison between male and female comics who snark at each other’s jokes at open mics, but rarely have the opportunity to sit down and talk about why. All I can say is bless her for saying, so eloquently, all the things I’ve thought but never been able to formulate, and with such a level head.

I listened to a few episodes of Dude Talks to a...

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