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December 18, 2018

Felicia Madison may be one of the most ambitious and driven female comedians we've seen in awhile. She's changing the game and taking names! Literally, at one of several of her monthly shows and weekly open mics. Surpassing her drive? Only her comedy, and this powerhouse has a lot to say! We got a chance to catch up with this busy lady and got some amazing insight into what she's got going on!

When did you know you wanted to do stand up and what were the first steps you took to get your "in" in the business?

I had been thinking of doing comedy for a few years before I actually took a class.  A good friend of mine, David Moore, had been doing standup for a long time and I al...

November 27, 2018

Patti Harrison recently skyrocketed through the New York City comedy scene, picking up national attention last year for her funny-frank opinion on the transgender military ban (thank you, Dystopian Nation-State) during a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel. 

But Harrison will not be pigeonholed into The Trans Voice of comedy, and often gravitates towards roles and writing that have nothing to do with her gender identity. She keeps the discussion of trans topics on her terms, and jokes that when she came out as transgender, it was heard as “chicken tender.” Okay, yum.

 [Photo credit: Cate Hellman,]

Far from the beginning of Patti Harrison’s comedic catalogue...

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